What is Streaming Media?

Streaming media is a continuous media delivery , which does not require the use of any other storage. The term “streaming” media” can be classified in two ways it’s delivery strategies as well as its content. Streaming has become a well-known method to broadcast live media over the Internet. It’s the most sought-after way to deliver content for a variety of applications.

Streaming media refers to a variety of online video and audio content , which is transferred over the Internet in compressed format and then played by the user’s device when it arrives. It is an alternative to downloading media filesthat can take hours to download in contrast to being delivered continuously via the internet.

Streaming Media allows users to stop in between rewinding and fast-forwarding content. It is not dependent on order of data, and it can be sent or received depending on the availability of networks. Streaming movie hd became popular in the 90s, when new innovations in the network enabled more speed. This is vital for Streaming Media functionality.