A Kick-Butt Alternative to Tuna!

For as long as my memory can recall, edamame or young green soybeans has been the ultimate Asian snack. I remember growing as a child and my mother eating several small bags of edamame every day. (These were the white, red and black varieties). They are one of the most adaptable Asian dishes and are a favorite of all food critics. Their popularity has spread throughout the globe in the modern era, but their humble beginnings, eaten from the pods of green rice by Japanese farmers, has an interesting story behind them all.

There are many ways to cook and consume Edamame. It’s similar to asking someone from England to cook their baked bean recipe. However, what’s truly amazing is to just pick some fresh pods and enjoy it with raw vegetables or as a part of a delicious Asian-inspired dish. The reason fresh edamame is so good is that they’re all organic and free of pesticides and herbicides. They are a healthy snack that is packed with nutrients. There are a myriad of edamame-based products, both fresh and frozen and available from Japan, just like their counterparts in boxes.

As previously mentioned, Japan is the key player when it comes to selling green soybeans outside of Asia. Despite being the largest exporter of green soybeans worldwide however, the United States actually gets the majority of the beans from the entire crop. What makes soybeans so popular in America? It is not only rich in protein (which is essential if you want to build strong muscles) however, it has been proven excellent for lowering cholesterol, lowering the likelihood of heart disease, lowering your risk of getting cancer, and even helping you shed weight.

The nutritional value of green soybeans is very high which makes them an excellent choice for anyone trying to lose weight or boost their nutritional intake. Due to their high nutritional value and moderate calories (which is perfect for maintaining a healthy metabolism), they are easy to incorporate into your diet. In fact, consuming Edamame seeds or any type of green soybean is likely to be enough to give you the energy and the nutrients you need to sustain your health on a daily basis. There are so many varieties and textures to pick from, and you won’t be disappointed with them. If you like them, it’s perfectly fine.

Of course, you may not always have the time to go to your local health food shop or grocery store in order to pick up Edamame pods, and then enjoy them at home. Making your own snack is a great choice if you are looking for an easy and quick snack idea. There are many recipes that you can make with fresh or dried edamame bean. They are delicious and healthy. You may be surprised at how quickly these snacks become addictive, so make sure you keep track of your food intake and snacks to ensure that you don’t go overboard with it!

If you like a spicy, southwest-style snack, you can include black beans, salsa pico de gallo, and chopped cilantro to your morning omelet. If you prefer a more dense consistency, you can combine some pasta (long grain or whole wheat) as well as some bean sprouts (red green, red, or yellow) and some tomato salsa, a bit of black pepper, and a dash of vinegar or lemon juice. ถั่วแระญี่ปุ่น You can substitute half the bean pulp for the tomato paste to create the outer shell. You can add more salsa, tomatoes and vinegar to make it thicker. Simply mash the avocado and add it to the dish. This is a great source of healthy fats that are protein-rich that are good for your heart. It also has a rich, creamy texture that is delicious and nutritious.

To serve, just tear off a few pods, place them in the microwave, and heat up until the beans are hot. Low fat, skim milk is the best option for your dip of choice. Avoid ranch dressing. In order to maximize the nutritional value of your green soybeans, smash them up and add any other ingredients you’d like, and consume it immediately. Refrigerate leftovers for up to two days if desired. They will keep forever and are a great option to replace tortilla chips with in the event that you want to have an alternative that is healthier but still delicious.

Green soybeans can be used as seeds in a variety soy products, including tofu, edamame bean puddings, sauces and salad dressings. You can find green soybeans at gourmet food stores as well as health food stores and even online. You can also plant your own green soybeans at home by setting up an your own indoor garden or buying hydroponic seeds. Only take what you require and follow the directions. And enjoy!

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