Priestess of Valerian – Black Hat Villain Review

Paul Bettany, a famous warrior priest, lives alone in an urban community controlled by his church. He lives in an abandoned society that has been ravaged by centuries of civil war between humans and vampires. When a group of vicious vampires take his niece away, the priest breaks his vow and sets off on a personal quest to save her before vampires strike on her. Joining him on his dangerous journey is his former friend and ex-priestess (Lily Collins) with supernatural abilities. Together they confront the evil organization that wants to control the human population using a new disease to wipe them out. The charismatic leader Sam Haine commands the vampire group and recruits Victoria (Emma Watson).

The priest and his friends are involved in a power struggle against the current ruler as they seek to thwart the evil organization. When a tragic death is wrought during a riot brought on by the unrest and the current ruler becomes victim to a vampire who is the primary threat to the lives of priests and the rest of humanity. As the threat intensifies the priest must decide which side to take…

Annabel Wishston, one the few survivors of the original epidemic, is back to her position as the Countess. She was raised in a secure environment after she was married to a wealthy merchant. She quickly rises in society and forms close friendships with David (Barry Foster) and defends him from vampires she doesn’t know. In exchange for protection, David allows Annabel to reside with him. He follows her in pursuit of Dracula shortly afterward. He is aware that he won’t win, and decides it is time to find love again with someone new or with the countess.

Annabel soon has two new friends: Steve Loughlin (John Loughlin), and Tommy Eliaunder (Eliaunder). They form the backbone of her vampire hunters, the Priests. She initially leads them due to the fact that she is a young woman. However, she soon realizes that her family relationships will be more important when she hunts her foe. We see the women in support of Dracula and taking part in his hunt.

While the novel is primarily focused on the relationship between the Priestess and Dracula but there are other relationships that aren’t as evident. Priests assist the Priestess and aid her fight the vampires. These are called the Walled Cities. These were places that were secluded from the outside world and had the services of a self-made defense force of the Priests. The Walled Cities were not only intended to shield the inhabitants from Dracula but as well from other threats.

In one scene from the film the Priestess is shown giving instructions to the girls who are aiding her in her mission. One of the instructions is to have them seek out and kill any vampires that are in their sights. The Priestess and the girls are cremated when they are discovered dead, and their bodies are buried in the Walled City. The film goes back to 15 years later, and the priestess is being interrogated by an investigator.

The film offers a glimpse into the thoughts and feelings of priests during this period. As they try to explain to the investigators what transpired, they become focused on their own past. They grieve the deaths of their sisters and wish that they could have assisted in their deaths. นักบุญ ปีศาจ 4K The film offers a glimpse into how a vampire might view the world surrounding them, including both the good and evil that prevailed at the time.

This movie was enjoyable to watch. It’s enjoyable for young and old viewers. The acting was good, the story was well told and the special effects were impressive. I hope someone will see this film known for its great vampire film, and will be enticed by the next film: “Priestess of Valerian”.

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